The B2B eCommerce Association is a non for profit, industry collective that provides information and resources focussed on B2B digital commerce in the context of manufacturing and wholesale distribution.

To educate and enhance the professional careers of our members and help B2B companies succeed in eCommerce.

The B2BEA creates and distributes information related to B2B eCommerce and digital transformation, including white papers, evaluation guides, use cases, videos, directories, surveys, workshops, newsletters, webinars, and presentations at online and live events. 

The B2BEA does not sell technology products, vendor selection services, or implementation services, although we maintain relationships with affiliated organizations that do these things.

The B2BEA is operated by Founder, Brett Sinclair and a number of advisory board members from across the globe. 

The B2BEA was founded in 2019.

B2BEA funding comes from vendors and companies with related products and services.

Individual membership is free.

Members receive our email newsletters, convenient access to our library of papers and studies, vendor comparison reports, discounts on industry events, training classes, participation in online discussions, and use of online tools including our request for proposal templates.

The B2BEA encourages contributions to the community, through our blog, insight interviews and referrals to other members. We welcome involvement in regional events when these take place and are pleased to hear from members who might be able to contribute expertise for projects such as creation of educational materials. Please contact community@b2bea.org if you’d like to help.

To be part of the B2BEA directory please get in touch via this contact page.

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