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Podcast overview

  • Ruben Mink and Tim van Hattem have extensive experience as B2B sales leaders at Sana Commerce.

    Ruben (Chief Revenue Officer) and Tim (EVP of Enterprise) talk with people in your shoes all day and know the issues you are facing as well as the opportunities you are looking to capture. They have the know-how to help you leverage ERP-integrated e-commerce to capture your team’s untapped sales potential.

    In this podcast, they dive deep to reveal the secret knowledge they've gained as seasoned sales leaders and how teams like yours can build upon it for success.

Latest episode

  • Mastering sales efficiency: Insights from sales leader Martyn Evans

    Apr 24, 2023
  • When Martyn Evans joined juvenile goods supplier Phil&Teds, he knew leveraging an ERP upgrade could unlock a more efficient web store that kept customers coming back. ERP-integrated e-commerce could help unlock just that. In the latest episode of B2B E-Commerce Accelerated, Martyn discusses with Tim and Ruben how ERP-integrated e-commerce provided customers with a seamless experience during the pandemic. Martyn has helped Phil&Teds drive efficiency and adoption with a web store that delivers personalised and reliable experiences. What’s more, Martyn wanted to ensure his sales teams felt empowered with the change and could use the web store to empower their work. Want to hear more about how Martyn helped his sales teams drive customer adoption? Check out the episode to learn his story.

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