Century HVAC puts helpful tools at the customer's fingertips

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Case study overview

Privately owned, Century HVAC services residential and commercial air conditioning contractors, apartment industries, schools, and government agencies throughout Texas.

Century HVAC was in the process of becoming a standalone business apart from its parent company. Due to the change, the company decided to upgrade its B2B eCommerce offerings and launch a modern, state-of-the-art site that reflected the brand and integrated tightly with business systems and software.

Channel Software became Century HVAC's partner. The CSX eCommerce platform from Channel Software is designed for modern distributors who want to grow and scale their business.With this solution, B2B eCommerce can be seamlessly integrated with any ERP system and is responsive, flexible, and easy to use.

Today, with a beautiful and robust eCommerce site, Century HVAC customers have an easier, faster way to shop for and purchase HVAC products.

Company snapshot

  • North America, South America
  • Industrial & construction
  • Channel Software