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Coveo overview

Coveo is a leading AI-powered relevance platform provider, revolutionizing digital experiences across industries. Specializing in search, recommendations, and personalization, Coveo integrates seamlessly with enterprise systems to deliver tailored experiences that boost engagement, conversion, and satisfaction.

Founded to make information accessible and actionable, Coveo leverages machine learning and data analytics to understand user behavior, providing contextually relevant content and recommendations. This enhances customer service by equipping agents with necessary knowledge, improving productivity and efficiency. In eCommerce, Coveo offers personalized shopping experiences that increase sales and customer loyalty by adapting to individual preferences.

Coveo’s commitment to continuous innovation helps organizations leverage their data, creating intelligent, scalable solutions for superior interactions. Trusted by industry leaders and recognized for its cutting-edge technology, Coveo is at the forefront of AI-driven digital transformation, shaping the future of customer experiences worldwide.

Company snapshot

    Technology category
  • Search & Merchandising
    Company type
  • Publicly listed
Social media
    Regions serviced
  • Australia & New Zealand, Europe, UK & Ireland, North America
    Deployment model
  • SaaS
    Year founded
  • 2006
    Number of employees
  • 500 - 1000
    Market focus
  • Enterprise


How Coveo Generative AI Can Scale Enterprise Success

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