Wolfchester Australia migrates to Pepperi to manage B2B sales

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"It will revolutionize what we do!"
Trent Harrison, COO, Wolfchester Australia

About Pepperi
Accelerate growth, reduce overhead & improve transparency by connecting your field sales and e-Commerce on a single, flexible, enterprise-grade platform.

Pepperi is a Cloud-based B2B sales platform used by leading brands and wholesale distributors (including SodaStream, Dermalogica, FGXI, Hallmark) to connect all B2B sales touch points, to deliver a seamless purchasing experience.

We empower our customers to sell bigger, smarter and faster, by integrating B2B eCommerce, sales force automation, retail execution, and route-accounting on a single, highly flexible platform, that runs natively on all mobile devices.

About Wolfchester Australia

Founded in 2006 Wolfchester has become one of Australia's preferred Suppliers of Automotive & Industrial Consumables.

Through their direct sales team and distributor network, Wolfchester products are seen in all states and territories of Australia.
Wolfchester products are of the highest quality and are sourced both locally and internationally.

Company snapshot

  • Automotive & Spare Parts
  • Pepperi

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