Case Study: Dermalogica unifies its B2B sales and service with Pepperi

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Case study overview

This illustrated 7-page case study shows how Pepperi helped Dermalogica, a subsidiary of Unilever, create a single B2B sales and service hub and provide a unified internal and external buying and training experience across the entire business.

The project was done in several phases and back in 2017, when Dermalogica first approached Pepperi, the initial challenge was to create a single B2B sales platform with CRM capabilities where Business Consultants could log visits, place orders including orders on behalf of accounts, generate and qualify leads and convert them into customers.

Learn how the project expanded in scale and get inspiration from Dermalogica to serve your industry best!

Company snapshot

  • Europe, Americas
  • Health & medical
  • Pepperi