UPS Healthcare Picks Cloudfy Enterprise Edition for High Volume Pharma Orders

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Case study overview

In a strategic move, UPS teamed up with Cloudfy to overhaul their B2B ecommerce strategy for distributing pharmaceuticals across Europe. Facing the challenge of deploying a robust, scalable solution quickly, UPS needed a platform that was not only quick to launch but also capable of handling complex logistics seamlessly.

Challenge: The goal was formidable: set up an operational ecommerce platform in under eight weeks that could accommodate a wide range of customer sizes and sustain high traffic and order volumes.

Solution: Choosing Cloudfy’s Enterprise B2B Ecommerce Platform was a game-changer. Known for their prowess in the pharmaceutical sector, Cloudfy provided a sophisticated yet straightforward ordering system, integrating directly with UPS’s extensive distribution network.

Outcome: The collaboration between UPS and Cloudfy led to remarkable outcomes:

  • Rapid deployment of the full platform in less than two months.
  • A daily service capacity exceeding 15,000 customers.
  • An adaptive platform capable of expanding into new markets as demand increases.Curious to see how this innovative platform is powering UPS’s logistics? Visit our website.

Company snapshot

  • North America, Europe
  • Health & medical
  • Cloudfy

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