Food & Dairy Co upgrades to a modern B2B ecommerce experience

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Case study overview

Sana Commerce highlights the success story of Food & Dairy Co, who partnered with them to enhance their online sales. The company faced challenges with its existing e-commerce system, which limited its ability to reach new customers and expand its market share.

Food & Dairy Co's goals for this upgrade include improving the customer experience, increasing online sales, and reducing the time and effort required to manage the e-commerce platform.

As part of the project, Sana Commerce integrated the company's existing ERP system with an integrated e-commerce platform equipped to handle complex inventory requirements. With the new platform, customers were able to enjoy personalized shopping experiences and order processes were simplified. Products were easier to find, orders were easier to place, and shipments were easier to track.

As a result of the upgraded integrated e-commerce platform, the company's business has been significantly impacted. The company expanded its market reach by targeting broader customer bases through optimized workflows and customer interactions.

The updated platform also streamlined the company's back-end processes, enabling it to manage orders more efficiently and reducing the time and effort required to maintain the platform. Customer service and product development were thus allowed to take center stage.

Ultimately, the newly implemented e-commerce platform enabled the company to achieve its goals and more.

Company snapshot

  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Food & beverage
  • Sana Commerce

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