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Case study overview

A family-owned and operated business, Industrial Tool Supplies provides industrial tools, safety equipment, and welding supplies across Australia. Previously, the company used a self-hosted e-commerce platform but found it difficult to manage. Also, it did not support popular payment gateways and was not mobile-responsive. They needed a solution that provided the best of both worlds: an open SaaS solution.

After researching various e-commerce platforms, Industrial Tool Supplies decided to switch to BigCommerce and sought help from its certified development agency, E2X. The E2X team not only re-platformed ITS to BigCommerce, but also synchronized all the required integrations and ensured the website performed as expected.

The switch to BigCommerce had significant results. ITS sales shifted from catalogue-searching order takers to customer service experts focused on customer experience. The company's ability to focus on customer experience is evident in its growth since re-platforming to BigCommerce.

Now that the website infrastructure is in place, ITS can better shift and adjust to the changing industry and technology.

Company snapshot

  • Europe
  • Industrial & construction
  • BigCommerce

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