Leading global manufacturer of protective footwear opens up new horizons with B2B eCommerce

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Case study overview

Dunlop Protective Footwear designs, develops, and manufactures footwear for industrial environments. To scale its business, Dunlop made the natural decision to expand online.

With a robust B2B eCommerce solution as a foundation, Dunlop digitized its sales channels, increasing conversion rate by 40% and average order value by 10%.

What makes Dunlop’s eCommerce site successful:

  • A responsive website with an easy-to-navigate structure
  • The ability to quickly place orders from desktop and mobile apps
  • Order history tracking
  • Complete stock and pricing transparency
  • Integration with fulfillment and business data management software
  • Country-specific eCommerce websites ensure Dunlop’s audience gets localized products and promotions

Company snapshot

  • North America
  • Health & medical, Industrial & construction
  • orocommerce