Limmert relaunches into a powerful ecommerce platform

Powered by Intershop

Case study overview

Limmert decided they wanted their website relaunched, with the intention to improve customer experience and increase brand awareness. Having reviewed several options, they chose Intershop because of their omnichannel capability and exceptional adaptability.

Intershop faced several challenges, including the need to develop a robust e-commerce platform to support over 1.3 million products. Limmert wanted a cleaner, faster, and more user-friendly website interface as well, ensuring the website was fully accessible on mobile devices.

Intershop's efforts culminated in a website relaunch that utilized the Intershop Commerce Platform to provide an enhanced shopping experience. This included extended shop functionality such as customer-specific pricing, calculation of product-specific surcharges or discounts, and residual stock management. Overall, this allowed for a more personalized shopping experience for Limmert's customers.

Company snapshot

  • Europe
  • Home goods & furniture
  • Intershop