midocean proudly unveils its powerful new B2B online shop

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Case study overview

Intershop describes how midocean, a leading supplier of promotional products and textiles to the European market, implemented a new B2B e-commerce platform for the company. Due to several challenges with their previous platform, midocean's sales decreased, user experience was poor, and customer satisfaction was low.

A partnership with Intershop enabled midocean to implement a better e-commerce platform that streamlines their business processes and provides a better user experience. In addition to improving customer satisfaction, the enhanced platform allowed midocean to handle international B2B e-commerce easily.

The results were impressive: midocean's online shop's conversion rate increased by 15%, and 10,000 resellers purchased products from midocean via the online shop. Moreover, midocean immediately noticed a 40% improvement in performance.

In summary, this case study illustrates how a new B2B e-commerce platform can significantly impact a company's bottom line. Working closely with the right technology partner and selecting the right platform for the business is essential.

Company snapshot

  • Europe
  • Home goods & furniture
  • Intershop

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