V. Suárez pioneers B2B ecommerce in Puerto Rico

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Case study overview

Founded in 1943, V. Suárez Group is one of Puerto Rico's major corporations and largest distributors. It has a diversified product portfolio in the food, beverage, household goods, personal care, and pet categories.

Realizing that sales reps alone could not drive company growth, V. Suárez looked for ways to add new customer touchpoints. They adopted digital marketing strategies to reach new customers and increase sales.

With Pepperi’s B2B eCommerce platform, they transformed their sales reps into trusted experts, allowing them to focus more on brand, program, and customer relations while simultaneously empowering customers to place orders at any time and from any mobile device. The platform also allowed V. Suárez to exchange complex pricing/promotions and inventory availability in real-time, around the clock.

Company snapshot

  • South America
  • Food & beverage
  • Pepperi