Category: Customer experience

May 08
Why B2B buyers are getting more finicky

B2B sellers of all types have their work cut out building customer loyalty, says a new…

May 03
A better user experience drives digital sales

Manufacturers often struggle with increasing content requirements, more channels and…

Apr 27
Manufacturers rethink the digital experience

Not all manufacturers are as far along on creating the digital user experience their…

Apr 11
Manufacturers enhance their user experience

While 31% of respondents believe they are ahead of their competitors when it comes to…

Apr 05
Why age matters for digital B2B buyers

Many manufacturers “are just dabbling in B2B ecommerce,” says Karie Daudt, senior…

Mar 16
How Gallagher increased the efficiency of its ecommerce business

For more than decade Gallagher Group Ltd., a provider of animal management and…

Mar 13
B2B buyers want it all and they want it now

If more B2B sellers don’t up their ecommerce game, they may find find themselves out…

Mar 11
A green seller sees red and retools ecommerce

It’s now or never. Saddled with an aging ecommerce platform that delivered an…

Mar 07
Don’t turn a blind eye to online reviews

Reviews matter. Or do they?  It’s common to hear B2B ecommerce sellers say that…

Mar 01
Embrace the golden age of digital customers

Karie Daudt, a veteran B2B strategist who is a Director of Commerce Strategy at…

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