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Nexus Automotive International has announced the launch of a new business unit dedicated to e-commerce. The new business unit will be headed by long-time ecommerce and auto aftermarket executive Robbie Stevens.

With the creation of a dedicated ecommerce business unit Nexus Automotive, also known as N!, is answering the needs of members that have been part of the N! community since its creation in 2014. The new unit will create ecommerce tools and services for members to support their upcoming transformation from supplying simply parts to supplying parts and services. The new unit could also generate new entrepreneurial initiatives that could become future start-ups incubated by Nexus Automotive.

The appointment of Stevens to head the new ecommerce unit will help Nexus Automotive answer the needs and priorities of its community members and support their growth. Stevens is well versed in the world automotive parts ecommerce. As the head of global sales growth and marketing for Autonative, which specializes in the implementation and management of Linnworks, an ecommerce platform that supports sales across multiple channels and marketplaces globally, Stevens launched Ford Motor Company’s B2C ecommerce Strategy with webshops and marketplaces in the European Union’s five largest market, and in North America. 

Prior to working for Autonative, Stevens was the head of marketplace business development for Mister-Auto, a marketplace for automobile parts and accessories, helping the company expand its global footprint. He also served as Mister-Auto’s Country manager for the United Kingdom in Ireland. 

“We are very happy to welcome Robbie, who knows the industry very well, and start the new year with such a major project for N!,” Lexus Automotive chief executive Gael Escribe, says in a prepared statement. “Innovation is part of the N! DNA. Our motto is to focus on supporting our community and provide some tools to lead the transformation, as we have done in previous years, and will continue to do so for the years ahead.”

Nexus Automotive has more than 150 members in 140 countries, allied with 78 global suppliers. The company offers new approaches and ideas for a connected, global, and consolidated world to accelerate the success of car and heavy duty spare parts and services of distributors and manufacturers, through 18 regional structures that connect them. Nexus’ consolidated turnover was more than €39 billion Euros ($42.4 billion U.S.)  in 2022.

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