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Navigating new frontiers: REDARC’s journey to digital excellence

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In an era where digital transformation is more a necessity than a choice, REDARC stands out as a prime example of how mid-market manufacturers can leverage technology to enhance operations and customer experience.

With over 40 years of expertise in providing mobile, off-grid energy and safety management solutions, REDARC has navigated the complexities of the digital marketplace to redefine its business model and expand its global reach.

The journey towards digital excellence

At the heart of REDARC’s digital transformation is a leadership team that combines visionary thinking with practical execution. Recognizing early on the potential of e-commerce to reshape manufacturing sales processes, REDARC embarked on a comprehensive digital overhaul.

This initiative was aimed not just at improving operational efficiencies but also at enhancing the customer experience across various touchpoints.

Unifying B2B and B2C experiences

One of the standout aspects of REDARC’s digital transformation has been the launch of a unified Adobe Commerce platform. This strategic move allowed REDARC to streamline its customer interactions by providing a cohesive omnichannel experience for both B2C and B2B clients.

The integration of these two distinct selling streams into a single platform has simplified the buying process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. The platform was developed and delivered by B2B ecommerce experts Balance Internet.

Innovating the customer journey

REDARC has reimagined the B2B customer journey by prioritizing an interface that supports the in-person sales process with efficiency and comprehensive product information. The redesigned online platform is responsive and tailored to meet the specific needs of B2B clients, ensuring a superior browsing and purchasing experience.

This approach not only improves customer satisfaction but also bolsters the efficiency of the sales teams through better tools and data management.

Leveraging technology for global expansion

The adoption of a robust e-commerce solution has enabled REDARC to expand its market presence significantly. With the systems now in place, REDARC has ventured into new territories in Europe and America, tapping into these markets with a strategy focused on increasing the lifetime value of their customers.

This expansion is supported by targeted assets created by a dedicated content team, which assists trade salespeople in engaging effectively with clients on the ground.

Optimizing operations through integration and automation

A critical component of REDARC’s e-commerce strategy has been the seamless integration of their ERP and commerce solutions through middleware. This integration has streamlined processes such as managing product information, orders, and returns.

Automation has played a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency, allowing REDARC to pre-schedule and execute marketing and promotional campaigns across different regions without the need for constant manual intervention.

The results speak for themselves

The impact of these digital initiatives on REDARC’s business performance has been profound. Since implementing the new commerce solution, REDARC has seen a remarkable increase in its eCommerce conversion rate—over 100%. Additionally, there has been a 3.6% rise in new retail customers and a significant 29% increase in new buyer accounts in the trade sector.

These figures not only underscore the success of the digital transformation but also highlight REDARC’s commitment to providing a world-class commerce solution.

REDARC’s journey so far is great example of a mid-market manufacturer leveraging digital technology for business transformation. By integrating advanced digital tools into their operations, REDARC has not only improved its internal processes but also enhanced its customer engagement.

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