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B2B eCommerce Association launches in Latin America

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The B2B eCommerce Association, has officially launched its Latin American chapter with a successful networking breakfast in São Paulo, Brazil. This event, hosted at the SAP office, marked a significant milestone for the B2B community in the region, providing a platform for industry leaders and professionals to connect and explore the latest trends and strategies in B2B eCommerce.

Fabio Cipriani from Mirakl played a crucial role in driving the launch of the Association in LATAM. He emphasized the need for a dedicated network in the region, stating, “The LATAM market has long lacked a focused network where B2B professionals can connect on eCommerce and digital transformation. The B2B eCommerce Association aims to fill this gap, fostering collaboration and innovation in the industry.”

The event featured insightful discussions and case studies from some local B2B leaders:

  • Nadege Saad, Chief Agribusiness Officer at Bradesco
  • Milena Carrion, National Retail Manager at ArcelorMittal
  • Leonardo Garcia, Digital & CRM Manager LATAM at Galderma
  • Bruno Emiliano, CIO at CantuPneus
  • James Mattos, Sales Director at Motorola,

James from Motorola was particularly enthusiastic about the event and posted on LinkedIn: “As we continue to move forward in the digital world, we are proud to have participated in this historic event, highlighting our commitment to digital growth strategies and pioneering solutions for the enterprise market.”

Similar sentiment came from Leonardo Garcia “it is essential to promote better interaction with professionals and partners in this market. I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural B2B eCommerce Association launch for LATAM.”

The success of the event was also made possible by the support of our sponsors: SAP, Mirakl, Quality Digital, Corebiz, and Compass UOL. Their contributions were instrumental in creating an engaging and valuable experience for all attendees.

As the B2B eCommerce Association continues to expand its presence in Latin America, we look forward to hosting more events and initiatives that will empower professionals in the industry. We are excited about the future of B2B eCommerce in the region and the opportunities for growth and collaboration that lie ahead.

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Become a member of the B2B eCommerce Association for free today. Connect, learn and find new opportunities.