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AOSS Medical Supply: Charting a course to B2B ecommerce excellence

AOSS Medical Supply Charting a course to B2B ecommerce excellence (1)

AOSS Medical Supply, a notable name in the medical supply industry, especially in plasma and dialysis, has made significant strides in the B2B sector. With a vast product range exceeding 20,000 items and partnerships with over 4,000 vendors, AOSS, headquartered in Monroe, LA, and with facilities in key locations, stands as at the forefront of innovation and reliability.

Confronting and overcoming challenges

AOSS’s journey in the medical supply industry is marked by a quest to tackle complexity and to adapt to an ever-changing ecommerce landscape. Initially, the company encountered significant challenges with connecting their ERP and ecommerce platform, which struggled with complex tasks such as managing units of measure and trade agreements. This led to performance degradation and limitations in customization, negatively impacting customer satisfaction in a field where rapid order fulfillment is vital.

Alexander Lewis, IT Director at AOSS Medical Supply, recognized the need for change, noting the existing technical limitations in handling the company’s growth and complex operational tasks.

Embracing digital transformation and B2B ecommerce

In response to these challenges, AOSS Medical Supply partnered with Sana Commerce Cloud, seeking a comprehensive and feature rich B2B  ecommerce platform. This collaboration aimed to streamline order management, elevate personalization, and optimize content and data management.

Strategic Implementation and Maintenance

AOSS prioritized a rapid implementation of the it’s new digital commerce experience, going live within four months. This strategic move was crucial in preventing potential customer loss and minimizing time spent on ticket resolutions, thereby maintaining the company’s competitive edge.

Personalization and empowerment

A key focus was on personalization, ensuring that the solutions catered specifically to trade agreements and measurement intricacies. Additionally, this new system was aimed at empowering the sales team, enabling them to manage high-value opportunities more effectively.

Reaping the benefits of B2B ecommerce investment

The new technology led business strategy has led to significant improvements in AOSS Medical Supply’s operations:

  • Low Maintenance and reliability: The new platform eliminated downtime and manual order processing challenges, offering a maintenance-free experience with positive customer feedback.
  • Enhanced sales team efficiency: The reduction in support requirements for the sales team allowed AOSS to focus on strategic initiatives, enhancing their competitive position.
  • Time savings and productivity: The streamlined order management process led to significant time savings, boosting overall operational efficiency.
  • Customer satisfaction and revenue growth: The platform’s reliability and time-saving features have been well-received by customers, leading to a 100% adoption rate and opening avenues for revenue growth.

Future-proofing with continued innovation

AOSS Medical Supply is not resting on its laurels. The company plans to integrate Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and analytics into the online commerce experience further enhancing their offering and providing a comprehensive platform for customer needs.

AOSS Medical Supply’s strategic adoption of a modern commerce solution shows the transformative power of digital solutions in the B2B ecommerce sector.

Their journey highlights the importance of agility, customer-centricity, and the foresight to embrace technological advancements to stay ahead in the competitive medical supply distribution industry.

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