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Welcome SparkLayer to the B2B eCommerce Association

We are thrilled to announce that SparkLayer has joined the B2B eCommerce Association. As a leading provider of B2B solutions for Shopify & BigCommerce, SparkLayer is set to bring a wealth of knowledge and innovation to our community, enhancing the collective expertise of our members.

SparkLayer: Powering B2B on Shopify & BigCommerce

SparkLayer is trusted by over 1,000 brands to transform their websites into powerful B2B ordering solutions. Their platform enables businesses to cater to their B2B customers directly through their Shopify & BigCommerce websites, offering features such as:

  • Custom B2B pricing, payments, and ordering rules
  • A seamless B2B self-service experience
  • Rapid setup, allowing businesses to get up and running in a day or less
  • Sales agent ordering to empower sales teams
  • Automation of previously manual tasks

SparkLayer’s mission is to simplify the complexity of B2B eCommerce, making it easy for brands to provide an on-brand experience that allows customers to purchase products on the pricing terms they’ve been promised.


A word from Chris Mattingly, Co-founder of SparkLayer

“We are excited to join the B2B eCommerce Association and be part of a community that is dedicated to sharing knowledge and helping each other succeed. The industry has been crying out for this kind of collaboration for a long time, and we believe that by coming together, we can drive innovation and growth in the B2B eCommerce space.”

How SparkLayer works

SparkLayer is designed to work seamlessly with Shopify & BigCommerce, enabling businesses to:

  • Set up their B2B data: Rapidly upload customer-specific pricing rules and payment methods.
  • Install the widgets: Convert the existing Shopify or BigCommerce store into a B2B ordering portal.
  • Invite B2B customers: Allow customers to log in, see their specific pricing, place orders, manage their accounts, and more.
  • Automate and save time: Synchronize orders between SparkLayer and Shopify, as well as backend systems.

In addition to this, SparkLayer also has an advanced framework – SparkLayer Ignite – that lets businesses build more custom integrations with back-office systems and more custom eCommerce platforms.

Examples of SparkLayer customers

Joining forces for B2B ecommerce success

The addition of SparkLayer to the B2B eCommerce Association underscores our excitement to welcome more experts into our network, who can support small to medium businesses in their digital transformation efforts and help them leverage eCommerce. We look forward to the valuable contributions SparkLayer will bring and the positive impact they will have on our members’ businesses.

For more information about SparkLayer, visit their website at

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Become a member of the B2B eCommerce Association for free today. Connect, learn and find new opportunities.