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BigCommerce introduces advanced features for B2B selling

BigCommerce B2B edition

BigCommerce, an ecommerce platform for B2C and B2B brands, has launched its latest release of B2B Edition, a suite of functionalities that enhances the online selling experience for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. The latest release includes Multi-Storefront (MSF) compatibility, a modernized B2B buyer portal, and headless support that combines next-level B2B features into one solution. B2B brands now have more power to modernize B2B ecommerce experiences, meet buyer expectations, drive conversions, and build brand loyalty.

The company’s B2B general manager, Lance Owide, said that the company aimed to take its capabilities to the next level by adding functionalities such as inventory and quotes. After acquiring a tech partner a year ago, the company focused on integration and reimagining the buyer journey. BigCommerce listened to customers as well and learned that they wanted the ability to self-serve, specifically to log in and manage their own orders, seek out quotes, and find custom pricing.

B2B Edition’s latest capabilities collectively bring the flexibility and customization B2B brands need to elevate online selling experiences and meet digitally native buyers where they are. Its open and intuitive solution transforms the way sellers and buyers do business, turning legacy B2B practices into a modern, agile, and nimble digital operation with a composable foundation ready to scale with the business.

The Multi-Storefront Compatibility function allows B2B brands to launch and manage multiple storefronts from a single BigCommerce back-end across brands, geographies, and/or customer segments at a much lower operational cost and complexity. 

The Modernized Buyer Portal function automates administrative processes, streamlining the buyer/merchant relationship to more efficiently manage orders, quotes, and workflows. The Headless Support function, now in beta, addresses a growing need in the industry for scalability, enabling B2B brands to build agile storefronts that can be continuously improved as the business grows.

The latest release of B2B Edition also includes customized purchasing experiences, frictionless purchases, easy reordering, seamless storefront integrations, and mobile-optimized buying experiences. These functionalities allow B2B brands to curate tailored purchasing experiences, enable a frictionless purchase experience with preset price and shopping lists, create specific access points to view past company orders and integrate into any BigCommerce Stencil storefront or any headless platform connected to BigCommerce.

Owide said that the latest release of B2B Edition affirms the company’s commitment to equipping B2B enterprise brands with enterprise-grade B2B capabilities to grow and scale faster. With B2B Edition, B2B brands can create buying experiences that help them sell more, convert at a higher rate, and influence repeat purchasing and loyalty.

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