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Companies need ecommerce staffers now

Despite a wish otherwise from The Federal Reserve, job growth in the U.S. is still strong. And hiring is more than strong in B2B and B2C ecommerce. According to some data and analysis from job openings on ecommerce, hiring is strong across all sectors including for ecommerce managers and directors, and online digital marketing specialties.

For example, there are nearly 3,400 available openings on hiring and job prospect screening website Indeed.com. That total includes 2,810 available positions for ecommerce managers and nearly 500 hiring for ecommerce director.

On LinkedIn, there are even more available openings. A search on the key word “ecommerce director” yields 3,279 results and a similar term on ecommerce vice president returns 50 results.

Outdoor apparel manufacturer The North Face in Denver is seeking a vice president of ecommerce with a hiring base salary range of $235,832 to $353,808. Meanwhile, furniture maker LoveSac in Boston seeks a vice president of ecommerce with a base salary range from $102,000 to $129,000.

Salary ranges for ecommerce directors and vice presidents vary widely depending on experience and job responsibilities. But most jobs have some similar characteristics such as having full profit and loss responsibility. Well-known shoe manufacturer Johnson & Murphy is looking for a new vice president of ecommerce whose duties include owning and managing the forecasting and budgeting of all direct-to-consumer digital activities.

Other responsibilities include managing all aspects of the ecommerce business, such as:

  • Business planning
  • Content strategy and development
  • Website design
  • Customer service
  • Web analytics
  • Consumer analytics
  • Marketplaces including Amazon and future channels
  • Promotional campaigns and other online marketing
  • Web technologies

“Worldwide, new ecommerce businesses are growing daily and hiring managers face global competition for the top candidates with the most experience and skills,” says executive recruiting consulting firm Align. “Ecommerce sales are growing enormously, and businesses are encountering a common problem: they find it difficult to source expert hires with the technical and practical expertise to guide them to ecommerce success.”

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