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Henkel’s Indola brand debuts innovative multi-distributor marketplace


Marking a significant advancement in the realm of B2B digital commerce, Henkel, the renowned multinational with a heritage spanning almost 150 years, has joined forces with VTEX, a leader in global digital commerce. This collaboration has transformed the B2B sales landscape for Indola, Henkel’s exclusive salon brand, through the introduction of an innovative multi-distributor marketplace in Spain and Portugal.

This groundbreaking platform is tailored to streamline interactions with professional hairdressers and efficiently manage an inventory of about 280 product SKUs.

Reflecting on market trends identified by Gartner, where approximately 83% of B2B buyers show a preference for online transactions, Indola’s new marketplace aligns perfectly with these evolving preferences.

This digital platform not only elevates the ordering process but also offers enhanced visibility for sellers, a feat difficult to achieve without VTEX’s robust digital tools.

Paula Llanet, Indola Professional’s Ecommerce Manager, highlights, “Our marketplace expertly merges our network of trusted distributors, ensuring rapid order processing and delivery, thus guaranteeing a seamless customer experience. Additionally, we’ve introduced new tools aimed at capturing the attention of digital natives while simultaneously bringing new digital dimensions to our sales channels.”

Henkel’s shift towards this innovative digital marketplace represents a strategic evolution of traditional sales methods, harnessing state-of-the-art digital tools and technologies to augment their effectiveness. “The marketplace not only underscores our confidence in our business strategy but also demonstrates how technology can enhance our daily operations,” an Indola spokesperson stated.

Indola has successfully addressed the limitations of physical and traditional channels by fulfilling emerging demands and optimizing processes that surpass the capabilities of physical stores.

End users and customers recognize Indola as a leading name in the professional hair salon industry, with top products in PCC coloring, vegan dyes, and cutting-edge technology.

Prakash Gurumoorthy, General Manager at VTEX EMEA & APAC, expresses enthusiasm: “As experts in digital commerce, we’re thrilled with Henkel’s progress post-implementation of VTEX IO. Our tools are well-suited to support their ongoing growth.”

Gartner recently acknowledged VTEX as a top-tier platform for managing both B2B and B2C digital commerce. “Our transition to VTEX has been immensely beneficial. The platform is intuitive, allowing us to customize our store effortlessly,” says Paula Llanet.

Indola’s unique business model required a system that could:

  • Support a B2B ecommerce model, extending sales to businesses and professional hairdressers.
  • Implement a marketplace model where sales associates actively manage and deliver orders.
  • Retain and digitize corporate expertise, client portfolios, and distributor experience.
  • Provide development support to ensure a smooth online transition and rapid market entry.
  • Guarantee scalability to accommodate growth without technical complexities.

Despite the complex nature of integrating numerous sales associates, administrative hurdles, and individual seller configurations, the marketplace was operational in just four months. This new channel has since garnered increasing customer interest.

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