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Huisman: Driving digital transformation in heavy construction equipment


Huisman, a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and servicing heavy construction equipment, has made a significant leap in digitalizing an industry traditionally slow to adopt online solutions. Renowned for their products like cranes, pipelay and drilling equipment, winches, and specialized vessel designs, Huisman has been a key player in sectors ranging from renewable energy to oil, gas, and naval industries.

The digital commerce leap

In 2019, Huisman partnered with Intershop and embarked on a transformative journey to develop the first B2B eCommerce platform and customer portal in their industry. This bold move aimed to incorporate servitization – the offering of services alongside products – to secure an unmatched competitive edge. The challenge was immense: how to efficiently bring digital solutions to an innovative yet complex industry that was new to the concept of online platforms?

The answer was myHuisman, a groundbreaking platform marking Huisman’s foray into digitalization. This initiative wasn’t just about establishing an online presence; it was about redefining how the heavy construction equipment industry operates, especially in a sector as critical and intricate as maritime and heavy lifting.


Redefining industry standards with myHuisman

MyHuisman is not merely a digital catalog or a communication tool; it’s a comprehensive solution integrating various aspects of Huisman’s offerings. It serves as a technical library, a parts shop, and a service/customer support hub, all unified in one seamless online environment. This platform allows clients worldwide to access essential services, technical information, and parts – enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Servitization: A new era for Huisman

One of the most exciting aspects of this digital transformation is Huisman’s approach to servitization. By combining their high-quality products with enhanced service offerings through the digital platform, Huisman not only addressed immediate client needs but also set a new standard in client engagement and support in the industry.

Embracing digital transformation

The creation of myHuisman demonstrates how traditional industries can embrace digital solutions to enhance their service offerings, improve client engagement, and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Huisman’s journey is a testament to the potential of digital transformation in sectors where such innovation was once considered unfeasible. It stands as a compelling case study for other companies in the heavy equipment and maritime sectors, showcasing the possibilities that arise from embracing modern technologies.

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