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iMedia B2B eCommerce Summit 2023 presentations

Thank you for joining us at the iMedia B2B eCommerce Summit 2023! We’re delighted to offer you access to the wealth of knowledge and insights shared during the conference. Our expert presenters have provided their slide decks and materials for your continued reference and learning. As you browse through, please note that if a particular presentation is not listed, it’s because the presenter has chosen not to share it at this time.

Thank you again to all the presenters for their contributions and for making this event a success. Dive in and keep the momentum of the summit alive!

Building a Winning B2B eCommerce Strategy

Marta Dalton, VP Data & Analytics & Customer

B2B eCommerce is no longer an optional extra for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. It’s a must-have channel for growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction. But how do you build a successful B2B eCommerce strategy from scratch? We’ll explore the key steps and best practices for creating a winning B2B eCommerce strategy. We’ll discuss the importance of understanding your customers, mapping the customer journey, and defining your value proposition.


Seizing the AI Zeitgeist: Thriving in the New Era of B2B Commerce

Scott Rigby, Principal Product Manager, JAPAC, Adobe

Zeitgeist is defined as the unique spirit, nature or climate of an era that sets it apart from all other epochs. AI is and will continue to be the next frontier for B2B commerce. From personalised customer experience to supply chain optimisation, hear how leaders in the B2B eCommerce space are tackling the opportunity with real-world examples, learnings and best practices. You’ll gain insights into brands that are using AI-powered Commerce in creative ways to enhance operations, expedite decision-making and compete for a share of wallet. Walk away with a better understanding of how AI-driven innovations could reshape procurement, sales, and logistics for your business.


How to create a B2B customer experience that leverages multichannel engagement to drive growth

Chris Spence, Regional Vice President – Commerce Cloud, Salesforce

Brad Aurisch, CEO, LW Reid

Customer expectations are higher than ever. How do you meet your customers where they are, no matter what channel they want to engage on? Learn how to build customer journeys by connecting every touchpoint to create multichannel engagement that drives growth and loyalty. Discover strategies for streamlining operations and creating seamless customer experiences at scale using Commerce Cloud.


The Secret To Guaranteed ROI: A B2B E-Commerce Adoption Plan

Arjuna Hettiarachchi, Head of Sales APAC, Sana-Commerce

Get an actionable plan that ensures your B2B e-commerce project is worth the investment. In today’s competitive digital landscape, B2B organizations need to move fast and move right. Prioritizing customer adoption ensures you’ll maximize online sales results, guaranteeing the ROI your project needs to succeed. Arjuna Hettiarachchi, Chief Revenue Officer at Sana Commerce, will share his insights and guidance based on research to over 1000 B2B Buyers to improve your webstore adoption.


Maximize Your Revenue with Site Search: Quantifying the Opportunity

Ben Chad, B2B Practice Leader, Algolia

For many B2B eCommerce businesses search & discovery experiences are lacking, and it can be challenging to understand the major areas for improvement fully.

This session delivers an actionable plan for evaluating the online product discovery experience you offer today. From the front end experience to the analytics and key metrics already tracked in portals like Google Analytics today, you will leave fully empowered to lead your team through an audit that delivers real action items to key stakeholders across the commerce team.

  • A comprehensive framework for auditing search front end and functionality
  • A gap analysis template for communicating discovery experience pillars across your brand
  • A step by step walkthrough of using Google Analytics to quantify the impact of Search & Discovery on your brand
  • Real action items to deliver to your team following the conference


How to master Product Information Management, and other key lessons from retail

Daniel Roberts, Managing Director, Salsify

Solving the challenge of presenting high quality product information to buyers for a wide and technical range of products is a foundational success factor of any B2B digital strategy. Yet this is rarely executed well, leading to frustrated colleagues and customers, with lower return on investment in e-commerce. Daniel has over 20 years’ experience in both delivering multi channel transformation in major retailers, and supporting brands and retailers to create, source and manage product content effectively. Daniel will outline how to implement an effective product information strategy, and also share some key lessons in moving an organisation to a multi channel business model.


Building all the support you need for B2B success – from board to customers to partners – a case study in Q&A format

Jonathan Day, Founder and Managing Director, Aligent

Will Repanellis, Head of Marketing, Jands Pty Ltd

Project success depends on convincing board members, understanding what customers really need, aligning with colleagues, partnering with external providers, and juggling all their expectations. Hear the inside story from Will Repanellis, Head of Marketing at Jands – Australia’s leading distributor of AV equipment – about their recent success; he will share key statistics that convinced stakeholders, and describe how they coordinated with demanding, parallel internal projects. Their journey demonstrates that complex B2B ecommerce can be delivered rapidly and effectively.


Unlocking Limitless B2B Capabilities: Dermalogica Australia’s Unified B2B Commerce Journey

Naomi Farberman, Regional Sales Manager APAC, Pepperi

Chris Magee, IT Service Manager, Dermalogica

Unified commerce stands at the forefront of B2B business evolution, seamlessly connecting multiple sales channels and powered by a single back office. Join us for a captivating case study presentation by Dermalogica Australia, as we delve into their successful migration to a unified B2B commerce platform. Uncover the game-changing potential of an exceptionally configurable B2B rule engine that knows no boundaries. In this session, we will showcase the flexible B2B features and workflows implemented, providing valuable insights and inspiration for businesses seeking to do the same and more.


The Power of B2B Video Marketing: Learning from B2C Success

Caroline McCarten, Executive Director, YourFilm

Video plays an increasingly important role in the decision makers path to purchase, but are B2B brands maximising the opportunity this presents? Based on recent market research data, we’ll take a quickfire look at the videos being produced by brands & marketers and the videos being consumed by customers, compare the two and see where potential opportunity sits.


B2B Loyalty and the 80/20 rule: Meeting the needs of your core customers

Piers Gorman, Managing Director APAC, TreviPay

James Norfor, CEO / Co Founder, b2buy.online

B2B buyers, heavily influenced by B2C experiences, have high expectations when it comes to business purchasing. The future of B2B eCommerce is dependent on building quality, consistent digital experiences across all sales channels to exceed these buyer demands. Ideal solutions will marry digitalisation with legacy systems to deliver long term ROI, while meeting the complex payment and invoicing needs of your largest customers.


Who is driving your technology?

Neville Richardson, CIO, Gallagher Group

The technology we use has never been better. And the failure rates for technology initiatives remains stubbornly high. In this session, Neville provides examples of why this is, and why the majority of these failures have nothing to do with the technology itself. He will introduce you to a framework that gets you to focus on what matters most when it comes to driving technology. This will include how to deal with the current scarcity of digital skills, and how ultimately technology will be able to help us deal with that scarcity, if you are prepared to start architecting that change right now.


Cracking the Code: B2B Marketplace Mastery

Laurence Greenway, Strategy & Marketing Manager, Mirakl

Building a successful marketplace is the holy grail for online businesses. Online marketplaces dominate in the consumer world, in B2B the rules are different. In this session, Mirakl (the leading marketplace software company) will share how global industry giants like Airbus, Coca-Cola, 3M & Accor Hotels are adapting the marketplace model for the business customer. Laurence Greenway, Strategy Manager at Mirakl will outline how Mirakl has adapted their solution to meet the needs of the B2B marketplace operator, how best to develop a marketplace strategy and the key factors that need to be in place to ensure success.


Practical Advice on Selecting a B2B ecommerce Platform

Ben Sharp, Chief Revenue Officer, Commerce Vision


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