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Intershop has acquired AI-intelligence platform SPARQUE.AI

In todays technology advanced world, it pays to consider the finer details when it comes to customer experience. With an estimated 12-24 million eCommerce sites on the world wide web, you need to stand out from the crowd. Having more personalisation and advanced features that excite and impress your buyers will do just that.

Not only that but the easier and quicker your website is to find exactly what your customers are looking for, the more enjoyable the experience. Leaving a good lasting impression will only benefit your business in so many ways.

SPARQUE.AI are the personalised eCommerce experts and Intershop has recently acquired the platform. Intershop are an independent provider of innovative solutions for B2B eCommerce and are excited to improve their product offerings with this new platform. The SaaS solution is available immediately for all Intershop customers or users of other e-commerce platforms and it can be live within one week.

Based in the Netherlands, SPARQUE.AI run AI-powered and personalised search algorithms and capabilities. They can predict what buyers are looking for and personalise search results. product recommendations, navigation and more.

No longer will your product recommendations box be as simple as suggesting the obvious product add on/s, but thanks to artificial intelligence, you can recommend what your customers are really looking for.

Using this technology, online stores have increased conversion rates by 20% resulting in a 29% increase in revenue.

The SPARQUE.AI solution is changing the game for many with it’s impressive speed and scalability. Configuration takes just one week and then the AI-powered algorithms are ready for use. The algorithms are fed by a variety of data sources including ERP, e-commerce, PIM, real-time data such as the weather or current location as well as a customer’s browsing history.

Intershop will be integrating the SaaS solution into its own cloud-based e-commerce platform, but SPARQUE.AI will continue operating independently as well. This will allow SPARQUE.AI to continue offering the solution to companies that rely on other commerce platforms thereby creating a new revenue stream for Intershop, which can then combine years of e-commerce experience with the latest AI technology.

Intershop will acquire 80% of the shares in the underlying organization SPARQUE B.V., while the remaining 20% will be retained by the incumbent management team who will join Intershop’s extended management team. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price of the transaction.

“SPARQUE.AI is an ideal addition to our continuously optimized high-performance B2B commerce platform. We have already deployed SPARQUE.AI’s technology very successfully with existing Intershop customers leading to an increased website conversion rate of a remarkable 20%. This AI-optimized user experience then typically results in a 29% increase in sales,” said Markus Klahn, CEO of Intershop.

The AI-based search and recommendation technology is based on software from Spinque B.V and Intershop have secured the rights to use this technology. They have also brought the specialist e-commerce team from SPARQUE.AI on board to join the Intershop team. Current SPARQUE.AI customers include well-known wholesalers, and Intershop customers like MS Schippers, Isero, Wiltec, and Starxx.

One of their customers had this to say; ““SPARQUE.AI’s AI package is customized for us and scalable for future use cases. We don’t just respond to customer needs, we anticipate them.”

Find out more about this exciting acquisition and learn more about Intershop and SPARQUE.AI.




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