Online growth for Isero

Powered by Intershop

Case study overview

Isero is a company that sells tools, hardware, and DIY products in the Netherlands. And in this case study, we explore how Isero collaborated with Intershop, an ecommerce platform provider, to modernize its online sales channels and improve customer experience.

Intershop provided Isero with a flexible and scalable ecommerce platform that integrated seamlessly with Isero's existing systems. The newly developed platform allowed Isero to create a personalized shopping experience for its customers. This was done by providing them with relevant product recommendations and tailored pricing based on their previous purchases.

Moreover, the platform helped Isero streamline its online order fulfilment process and optimize inventory management. Intershop also gave customers an excellent shopping experience and a comfortable way to access the webshop. As a result, Isero saw a significant increase in online sales and customer satisfaction.

Company snapshot

  • Europe
  • Industrial & construction
  • Intershop