Trinity Packaging wants to be a digital disruption

With the introduction of its latest ecommerce platform, Trinity Packaging Supply, a 13-year-old company with annual revenue of $100 million, aims to be a major market disruptor in its industry.

The company, based in Voorhees, NJ, was rolled out a new ecommerce site and digital technology called SupplyStream, which Trinity Packaging Supply says aggregates hundreds of supplier catalogs into one digital storefront and offers a catalog of more than 80,000 custom and stock products with next-day delivery and low pricing.

“Data is broken in the wholesale packaging industry; for example, if the suppliers have their entire catalog listed and priced out, the specifications could either be listed in the metric or imperial system, depending on the supplier, even if it’s the exact same product specification,” says Trinity Packaging Supply founder and CEO Anthony Magaraci.

The base technology of SupplyStream, which the company developed internally as a product information management system (PIM), consists of several modules that include:

  • SupplyFront, a storefront application that creates one-click e-commerce sites.
  • SideStream: A centralized management system
  • SupplierPortal: A platform connecting the packaging industry suppliers and buyers.
  • SupplyStream: a data tool for product pricing, missed orders, and industry reports.

“Through SupplyStream, Trinity is providing companies with pricing and shipping data that empowers them to make decisions in an instant instead of days or months,” Magaraci says. “The speed of business is the fastest that it’s ever been, and I don’t see it going backward. We’re here to help make it even faster.”

The company also plans to sell its SupplyStream to other vertical markets. “While Trinity currently uses SupplyStream for the packaging industry, it is built to transcend verticals and power other wholesale businesses in different industries by allowing suppliers to upload their catalogs and boost their sales through a one-click storefront feature,” the company says. “SupplyStream is an alternative to Amazon’s “Seller’s Central” and offers a storefront that can compete directly with Amazon.”

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