VTEX hits a platform growth spurt

Several B2B sellers using VTEX’s B2B ecommerce platform are showing strong growth, as well as operational improvement in their business, the enterprise digital commerce platform provider reports.

Mazda Motor Europe, the regional headquarters of Mazda Motor Corp. for the European region, for example, has seen its conversion rate from reservation to
sales grew to more than 75% after working with VTEX to roll out the first online Vehicle Stock Locator for new cars across all Mazda dealerships in the United
Kingdom. Mazada dealers also report 60% of customers are coming through dealer websites to the stock locator, with 85% of those customers making a purchase.

The VTEX IO platform is a native development platform that enables extensions, integration to back-end systems and development of custom applications. The
platform can also be deployed in a headless configuration with third-party content management systems. In partnership with Amazon Web Services, VTEX offers a
multi-tenant solution allowing clients to test new features with very low cost, thanks to its composable architecture.

“B2B ecommerce can be more complex than B2C. Every business has different and specific needs from the implementation to strict security protocols and data
privacy,” Mariano Gomide de Faria, founder and co-CEO of VTEX says in a prepared statement. “By offering a robust, composable solution, our mission is to
support these businesses’ complexities so our customers can deliver frictionless consumer-like digital commerce experiences that support the entire B2B customer
journey.” Other VTEX customers reporting a significant impact to their businesses after deploying their ecommerce sites include the Colgate-Palmolive Co., power tool manufacturer Stanley Black & Decker Inc., simulation technology and training provider CAE Inc., and gas engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton Corp.
Colgate-Palmolive has used VTEX’s platform to add promotion and catalog solutions to its ecommerce site as way to fill in the gaps in regions its oral care
consultants don’t cover. Since launching its marketplace for B2B sales consultants, Colgate’s average monthly sell-out rate has increased nearly five-fold from a year
earlier, the manufacturer says. In addition, the direct-to-consumer channel has seen a more than 45% incremental increase in units sold and a more than ninefold
increase in first-party data acquisition through the platform in 2022.

“We believe that the continued focus on product customization adds a lot of value to our dentist customers, Danilo Turbiani, Ecommerce director at Colgate-
Palmolive Brazil, says in a prepared statement. “Now, dentists can order any product they want, at any time. We have a broader range of delivery and covered
areas, and dentists are making more orders, more frequently.” After building a custom headless field sales application that gives each of its sales representatives their own dashboard with customer insights, including behavior and preferences, order history, and additional data to help them provide personalized service to each customer, Stanley Black & Decker is seeing nearly 50% of its B2B orders placed through the bulk ordering feature on its ecommerce
site. CAE has leveraged the VTEX platform to launch five B2B and B2C ecommerce websites in just eight months. These sites ranged from medical instruction to
business aviation learning to simulation training. Briggs & Stratton was able to eliminate two legacy commerce platforms, thereby reducing maintenance costs, by leveraging VTEX’s native multi-site, multi- language and multi-currency capabilities in the United States.

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