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Ballard industrial’s digital leap: Elevating B2B ecommerce experience

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Ballard Industrial’s shift from a traditional industrial supplier to a digitally advanced e-commerce entity marks a significant evolution in the B2B landscape. Established in Seattle in 1952, Ballard has been a trusted name in supplying quality industrial products. However, the shift towards a digital-first approach brought both challenges and opportunities.

Overcoming digital challenges

Initially, Ballard’s online presence was non-transactional, showcasing inventory without pricing and relying on offline processes for finalizing sales.

Understanding the need for a B2C-like shopping experience in the B2B realm, Ballard Industrial recognized the necessity of a fully functional ecommerce website for it’s buyers.

Technology and systems integration approach

The collaboration with Groove Commerce, a full-service ecommerce agency, was a game-changer. “Given the unique requirements that they had and the goal to shift their B2B selling operations to have an ecommerce component, BigCommerce ended up being the right B2B ecommerce platform,” noted Drew Blais, Creative Director at Groove Commerce.


With BigCommerce B2B Edition, Ballard Industrial implemented essential features like specialty B2B pricing, which automated pricing rules and enhanced customer account management.

Justin Bright, Director of Technology and DevOps Engineering at Groove Commerce, explained, “Ballard Industrial has different pricing for different customers, so they really wanted a way to control buyers and have that quick order functionality that’s built into B2B Edition.”

Customization and real-time pricing updates

The use of BigCommerce Page Builder enabled Ballard to customize its website content effectively. Bright added, “On the homepage, they can add, remove, and change things, which they do frequently. So it gave them a level of control that they didn’t have before with their old site.”

Additionally, the integration of BisTrack addressed the challenge of fluctuating raw material costs, ensuring accurate, real-time pricing.

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The results

Ballard Industrial’s digital transformation led to an 83% increase in users, a 79% increase in sessions, and a 45% increase in page views. This transition not only streamlined Ballard’s internal processes but significantly enhanced the customer experience for their B2B audience.

Ballard Industrial’s investment into a new digital strategy underscores the importance of adopting advanced ecommerce solutions in the B2B sector.

Through strategic partnerships and technology integrations, Ballard has not only improved operational efficiency but also better aligned with the needs of contemporary B2B customers.

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