How Bolloré Logistics accelerates digitization

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Case study overview

Bolloré Logistics is one of the largest transport and logistics groups with a global presence. They have over 350 offices spread across 146 countries with more than 14,918 employees.

Besides their core services of multimodal transport, customs & regulatory compliance, and contract logistics, Bolloré Logistics has established itself as experts in industries like luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, energy, food ingredients, and fragrances, among others.

With OroCommerce, Bolloré Logistics found a solution that offered enterprise-level customizable workflows, support for multiple business hierarchies and subsidiaries, while preserving the B2C ordering experience. The platform’s robust and flexible nature meant that OroCommerce integrated with Bolloré Logistics’s existing technology stack and processes.

Company snapshot

  • Europe, Global
  • Home goods & furniture
  • orocommerce

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