Ecoburo is improving their B2B customers' experience

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Case study overview

Founded in 2006, Ecoburo offers 7,000 references for ecological office supplies. With Ecoburo, the goal is to supply products that are useful, durable, and can be refilled with renewable raw materials.

In order to improve efficiency and customer experience, Ecoburo wanted to automate traditionally manual processes. Being a small business of 3 people, automating processes would be a real time saver and immensely boost productivity.

Due to the B2B nature of Ecoburo's business, they looked for a B2B-specialized platform. Ecoburo asked the web agency Iloofo to carry out a study of their needs. Iloofo then recommended OroCommerce which natively met all Ecoburo’s needs.

Company snapshot

  • Europe
  • Home goods & furniture
  • orocommerce