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Metcash & SAP: Revolutionising retail with Sorted marketplace

Metcash, Australia’s leading wholesale distribution and marketing company, stands committed to strengthening independent Retailers in the food, liquor, and hardware sectors, with the goal of making every local store “the best in town.” With the broadest retail distribution network across the nation, their partnership with SAP is paving the way for transformation, innovation, and empowerment.

Recognizing the need to simplify the ordering process for Warehouse and ‘Direct to Store’ products and services within its extensive network of Food Retailers, Metcash embarked on a transformative journey.

They envisioned a singular ‘marketplace’ that would provide Retailers with all the essential information needed to make informed procurement decisions, ultimately benefiting their entire network. This vision led to the birth of Sorted, an innovative e-commerce marketplace platform created in collaboration with SAP Commerce Cloud. This technology mirrors a shift in behaviours, supplier relations, and distribution strategies.

Powered by SAP Commerce Cloud, Sorted seamlessly integrates advanced features, offering real-time order tracking, product insights, and a frictionless digital ordering system. The investment in Sorted is proving to be a game-changer for Metcash’s Retailers.

Simon Williams, leading B2B E-commerce for Metcash, explains how Sorted addresses a critical challenge, “It wasn’t always easy for Retailers to identify great-selling lines stocked elsewhere in the network, that they could be stocking in their store.”

Sorted analyses sales data from across the Metcash network, providing personalised insights to Retailers based on regional sales trends. Independent Retailers like Darren Partridge of IGA Thrumster testify to the benefits, noting, “It’s allowed us to put it in a process of ordering, invoicing, and receiving those products. I describe Sorted as the Retailer’s online store – easy to navigate and use.”

The operational efficiency gains from Sorted are evident, saving Retailers significant time each week during the ordering process. With the integration of 80,000 ‘Direct to Store’ products alongside the Warehouse range, Metcash’s suppliers are experiencing remarkable growth.

For example, artisan brands like Killer Coffee have seen a remarkable 60% YoY sales surge. With 36,000 transactions processed weekly, the platform is hitting new highs consistently, attracting new suppliers at a rapid pace, with over 430 ‘Direct to Store’ Suppliers featured on Sorted.

Metcash’s partnership with SAP, including Ask ROSS integration into Sorted, reflects their commitment to championing local economies and independent retailers. The impact of Sorted on Retailers is significant, streamlining processes and saving them valuable time, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

As Metcash continues its journey with SAP Commerce Cloud, it stands as a testament to SAP’s transformative capabilities at scale. The development of the Sorted platform promises to unlock even more distribution and marketing opportunities, ensuring that the retailers Metcash serves continue to be the best in their respective towns.

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