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PartsBase launches a B2B marketplace

PartsBase, a major B2B online parts locator service for the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries, today announced PartsStore, a B2B marketplace using technology from Oro Inc..

PartsBase is utilized by more than 5,000 users every day, ranging from boutique aerospace start-ups to leading global operators and manufacturers. On a monthly basis, between 25,000 and 30,000 users access the platform to search for components, market intelligence, and aviation repair services, with more than 12 million parts being searched for each year.

The PartsStore marketplace enables buyers to connect with providers, discuss their procurement needs, access market pricing information, and complete transactions. Users can compare thousands of different products and suppliers based on aviation-specific data (including “condition codes”, which relate to a component’s airworthiness).

From a seller’s perspective, PartsStore’s extensive data can be used to track pricing trends and identify demand. Powering the PartsStore platform is OroMarketplace, Oro’s digital marketplace technology.

PartsStore merchants can achieve a faster time-to-market and effortlessly integrate their marketplace strategies with existing ecommerce applications and processes. PartsStore sellers are able to easily deploy their product catalogs from existing content management systems (CMS) and other eCommerce platforms, greatly reducing the risk of incorrect information being listed.

PartsStore will, in the near future, also be adding functionality to help users address one of the aviation industry’s most intractable problems: aircraft on ground (AOG). A grounded aircraft in need of repair can cost as much as $150,000 for a delay of only a couple of hours, so it’s vital that the requisite parts are sourced and delivered as quickly as possible. Drawing on Oro platform’s’s customization capabilities, PartsStore will offer a variety of AOG-specific shipping features at checkout, including how quickly and how reliably an item can be delivered.

“The most capable and comprehensive marketplace for the aviation and aerospace industries, PartsStore is a technological revolution,” said Rodrigo Garcia, Chief Transformation Officer of PartsBase.

“We’re incredibly excited to be working with PartsBase; a real industry pioneer pushing the envelope in aviation and aerospace digital transformation,” said Yoav Kutner, CEO of Oro.

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