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Oct 18
iMedia B2B eCommerce Summit 2023 presentations

Thank you for joining us at the iMedia B2B eCommerce Summit 2023! We’re…

Jun 27
B2B ecommerce sales are up, but little else

The U.S manufacturing and distribution sector is in a slump, as of mid-2023.…

Jun 16
U.S B2B sales slow but not online

The sales world of U.S. manufacturing and distribution is slowing mid-year as a…

Jun 08
Trinity Packaging wants to be a digital disruption

With the introduction of its latest ecommerce platform, Trinity Packaging Supply, a…

Jun 06
B2B sellers engage buyers with new tactics

B2B sellers are prioritizing giving customers across new markets and portals new ways…

Jun 05
Launch ecommerce and not break the bank

Companies are scrambling to move online and initiate or improve their digital commerce…

Jun 01
Successfully selling ecommerce to sales reps

Any type of change within an organization is likely to see some resistance. It’s not…

May 26
How generative AI changes B2B ecommerce

There was the world before ChatGPT, and there is the world after ChatGPT. In fact, its…

May 01
Grainger grows ecommerce

It was a good start to the business year for W.W. Grainger Inc. both overall and…

Apr 25
India’s marketplace market hits a fast track

India’s growing B2B marketplace sector is expected to hit a major milestone, says a…

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