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Transforming wellness: Unique Health Products B2B ecommerce success

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In the ever evolving landscape of B2B ecommerce, Unique Health Products has emerged as a notable example of adaptability and success in B2B ecommerce.

Established in 1996 in Kunda Park, Queensland, Australia, Unique Health Products has redefined the distribution of natural and eco-friendly products across Australia. Their journey from a modest operation out of the back of a van to a digital leader in the wellness industry showcases the transformative power of e-commerce technology.

Navigating the digital shift with a customer-centric approach

Unique Health Products, with a team of over 190 employees, recognized the need to adapt to changing market dynamics. They aimed to enhance their website’s user experience by incorporating engaging wellness and eco-oriented merchandising and simplifying navigation.

Their objective was clear: to facilitate both B2B customers and field sales representatives in placing orders efficiently and to drive growth by attracting new retailers while maintaining strong relationships with existing ones.

Leveraging technology for enhanced market presence

The introduction of a new B2B ecommerce platform and customer experience marked a significant milestone for Unique Health Products. This strategic move, supported by a partnership with OSE Digital and integration with Adobe Commerce, enabled them to launch their revamped portal in just six months.

The result? A robust B2B ecommerce platform facilitating the execution of up to 400 promotions monthly, which could be set up in minutes instead of days, significantly speeding up the time-to-market for their promotions.


Streamlining operations for maximum efficiency

A crucial aspect of this digital transformation was the integration with their ERP system. This allowed for seamless management of promotions and a more efficient order processing system.

This integration was instrumental in supporting 52% of the company’s sales through the online portal, highlighting the effectiveness of their digital strategy.

Fostering growth through digital innovation

Since the launch of their new website, Unique Health Products has seen a remarkable increase in their average order value by 4.4%. With over 69% of orders now placed online, their digital presence has become a cornerstone of their business, enabling expansion and solidifying their position as industry leaders in the natural health space.

Championing a healthy and sustainable future

Unique Health Products’ digital journey extends beyond mere sales. Their new website, characterized by its responsive design and optimized for mobile and tablet devices, serves as a platform for education and engagement.

It’s a tool for their marketing team to sustain thought leadership in healthy living, providing retailers with essential materials for in-store promotion and social media marketing, thus fostering a community focused on sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

By embracing an omnichannel B2B commerce strategy, Unique Health Products have not only streamlined their operations but also created new avenues for growth and engagement.

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