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Case study overview

USCutter is a leading provider of sign-making and digital printing equipment, materials, and accessories. They launched their first online store on the CORESense platform in 2011 as part of their eCommerce journey.

However, COREsense had a big problem in that there was never any new development and things were only developed when necessary. USCutter faced several challenges in its e-commerce operations, including poor website performance, a limited product catalogue, and inefficient inventory management. And all of that would have to be paid for.

The solution? Working with BigCommerce and its agency partner Mercutio. In designing the site, BigCommerce's native platform functionality was incorporated to enhance the overall B2C and B2B buying experience. BigCommerce's open SaaS ecosystem gave USCutter the freedom to build its tech stack based on its use case. By March 2021, USCutter was officially launched on BigCommerce.

Through the partnership, BigCommerce helped USCutter simplify the display of different product variants on a single page. Managing multiple price lists and creating reseller programs became easier. USCutter received high conversion rates through its user-friendly front and back ends, optimized checkout process, and courteous customer service.

Company snapshot

  • North America, South America
  • Industrial & construction
  • BigCommerce

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